Digital, Mobile and IoT Forensics

In the world today even coffee pots and refrigerators are beginning to have connections to the internet. Our acquisition software is court approved supporting over 27,000 devices including most mobile phones, some of the most popular IoT devices like Xbox and smart watches, Windows formatted storage and Mac formatted storage.

Digital Data Examination

We have several methods for acquiring data from devices depending on the device and the situation. With our forensic examination software we're able to investigate all data from a single interface providing a cleaner more comprehensive examination of digital evidence.


Our digital evidence examination software offers a number of different reporting methods from graphical clickable html reports to detailed spreadsheets for easy search and sorting. Additionally, our software comes with a free viewer so investigators, attorneys or the client can review all digital evidence just like the examiner would.

Service Features

IoT Data

Our forensic platform support the largest variety of IoT data from smartwatches, drones, fitness bands, gaming systems and Amazon Echo devices.

Variety of Devices

Our forensic platform supports a larger variety of device types than any other tool, with over 27,000+ device profiles supported and the list is constantly growing.

App Data Parsing

We are able to parse data for some of the most popular Apps and for the others we are able to view and query the raw SQLite data.

Cloud Access

Cloud capture functionality to download data directly from your suspect's account.

Email Analysis

We are able to provide comprehensive email examination with archive support for eDiscovery and Forensics.

Internet Data

In most cases we are able to quickly acquire and analyze internet data. In other cases we are able to gather recovered artifacts to manually construct a timeline of visited sites.

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