Files, Folders, VM Images, Exchange, SQL and System State

1 Up Backup is feature packed with no need to purchase additional modules or plugins. Natively backup and restore files, folders, Virtual Machine Images, MS Exchange Databases, Exchange Mailboxes, SQL databases, system state and system images.

Secure Backups and Data centers

Data is stored in two, SSAE 16 Type II compliant data centers located thousands of miles apart with redundant storage, power generators, redundant AC, biometric security, 24/7 surveillance and physical security. Create your own key to ensure data privacy or select managed key to allow support to access your backed up data.

Cloud and Local Backup

Backup to local devices including NAS, External Storage, or other network shares. View details, history and generate reports from the local computer application or from our cloud dashboard.

Service Features

Data Centers

Data is stored in mirrored Data Centers located in the USA thousands of miles apart. The data centers are SSAE 16 Type II compliant with redundant storage, power and AC. The data centers employ biometric security, 24x7 surveillance and physical security.

Custom Encryption Keys

To provide the most secure options you can create your own security key during setup or choose to let support manage your keys. Your data is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption in transit and at rest.


1 Up Backup provides all the necessary controls and reporting features to satisfy compliance regulation like HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, FERPA, SOX, Safeharbor and GLB.

Files and Folders

Backup files and folders by selecting entire drives then setting exclusions or individually select the files or folders. Set number of revisions, retention times, archive bit, schedules and local storage locations.

Exchange, SQL and System State

Our solution includes all plugins to backup Exchange and SQL databases, backup and restore individual exchange mailboxes, and backup the system state.

System Images

Create Rapid Recovery image backup sets stored locally for fast recovery or standard image backup sets for storage in the cloud. Recover to dissimilar hardware with Bare Metal Recovery.

VMware and Hyper-V

Store locally, offsite or both. Create backups for rapid recovery and archiving. Restore entire Virtual hard disks or individual files depending on the type of backup set.

Reporting and Notifications

1 Up Backup can generate user access reports, executive summary reports and backup status reports. Notifications can be setup for a number of events including successes, warning, failures and overage alerts.

Simple billing

Backup multiple devices for a single monthly rate. Don't deal with the hassles of plugins or modules that cost extra or licensing fees for your computers. Simply pay for cloud storage and that's it. Plans starting at $10/mo.

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