Risk Assessments / Vulnerability Management

Risk Assessments are a fundamental part of Cyber Security and Compliance. Our expert staff can conduct an in-depth assessment of your devices to identify your risks then develop a strategy to mitigate and manage those risks. All industries subject to compliance requirements must conduct annual risk assessments.

Policies and Procedures

To satisfy information compliance requirements you must develop policies and procedures for your operations and distribute the relevant policies to your workforce. All companies should maintain certain policies regardless of compliance. Depending on the type of compliance your organization may have more specific requirements.


File, Device and Email Encryption

Our data and email encryption solutions provide an automated policy driven approach to encrypt data at rest and data in motion. Our data encryption solutions are application aware providing a user friendly method for encrypting and decrypting files on the fly as needed. Our email encryption solution can protect outbound messages by enforcing encryption policies based on the content of the email and readable attachments.

Service Features

Cyber Security

Our solutions take a layered approach to provide check and balance at certain levels. Coupled with our monitoring and vulnerability testing capabilities we are able to provide performance, usability and high security information systems. Nearly all of our cyber security solutions can be installed on location or provided as a managed hosted service.

Data Loss Prevention

Whether your email and data is stored locally or in the cloud we have solutions to ensure your Data remains your data. Depending on your needs our solutions can archive, retain, discover, investigate, protect, encrypt and backup your protected data.

Monitoring, Logging and Auditing

For any system to be secure it requires routine auditing and testing. The ability of the auditor will be limited by the quality of the monitors and logs. When our solutions are fully implemented you will have near perfect clarity in to the activities on your information system.

Traffic Mapping and Segmentation

Compliance requires that data flows within your organization are mapped and insecure traffic segmented from protected traffic. Our solutions satisfy this requirement simply and comprehensively.

Activity Tracking

We provide solutions to monitor employee activity on their workstation and/or network. Receive alerts with updates on activity and internet history regardless of workstation settings and protection software.

Asset Tracking

Assets must be tracked through their entire life cycle and securely disposed of. Our management service dynamically scans the network and detects new devices allowing us to easily track the asset through its entire life cycle and document when it became present on the network and when it was removed from the network.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

These solutions provide deep packet inspection to identify unusual or high risk behavior. Prevention goes one step further than detection by performing an action when unusual activity is identified. These technologies are most useful when implemented globally on a network and locally on workstations or servers

System and Software Updates

Low level hackers use email and internet phishing techniques to compromise a system. Expert hackers research vulnerabilities and build custom exploits to compromise a system. Our monitoring and management services provide security patches for Windows and the most commonly used third party programs including Java, Acrobat, Flash, Chrome and Firefox.

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