Storage Encryption

The number one safeguard against a lost or stolen device is storage encryption. Our managed encryption services provide encryption for Windows and Macs by managing and enforcing policies using their native encryption technology.

File Encryption

Always-on encryption automatically secures content upon creation. The process is transparent to the user and files stay encrypted even when shared or uploaded to a cloud-based file system.


Application-aware Encryption

Our data and email encryption solutions provide an automated policy driven approach to encrypt data at rest and data in motion. Our data encryption solutions are application aware providing a user friendly method for encrypting and decrypting files transparently.

Service Features

Secure Mobile App

Our Mobile Device Management services secure apps and files on your iOS or Android device, enables seamless access to your encrypted files, and key recovery options for your encrypted Mac or Windows computer.

Data Leakage Prevention

Avoid costly mistakes with continuous validation of the user, the application, and the integrity of the device. If your data is transferred to another location it remains encrypted. If it is decrypted the action is logged and an alert is emailed. 

External Sharing

Share encrypted files by creating a password-protected file with a single click of the mouse. The external user simply requires a web browser and password to access the encrypted file.

Cross Platform

All of our managed encryption solutions are cross platform with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

USB Storage Encryption / Prevention

Enforce policies to prevent or encrypt USB storage devices and restrict use to designated computers and specific storage devices.

Activity Tracking / Logging

Our managed system will log access to files, when a user copies or moves a files, when a user encrypts a file with a password, or if a user decrypts a file. Decryption of a file will generate an alert sent to our Security Operations Center for further investigation.


It is necessary at least once a year to conduct a risk assessment to identify risks and make certain you can produce proof during an audit. All of our managed solutions have reporting features to provide proof of compliance.

Encryption Management

Our managed encryption solution manages the encryption technology provided by the Operating System and stores recovery information in a secure database. Additionally it enforces policies for screen time outs, password requirements, authorized storage devices, and authorized applications.

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